4 PCS Soft storage Pouch has Bead Lock for eyewear cosmetic pen key small item



Design Idea : Its should be light weight ,soft Microfiber material for protection,save space with drawstring and adjustable bead for lock. High?Quality?Pouch?with?Bead?Lock:Smooth?feeling?microfiber?material,stuff inside can be separated from sharp metal (such as keys and pens), Also, the bead lock holds tightly, things inside would not fall out easily, make the pouch both convenient and safe. Function: Perfect?Size 180mm* 85mm (The ??5mm’s deviation is considered acceptable) ?for Storage of?Gifts and Small Stuff-cosmetics, cell phone, earphone, cards, pens, keys, purse, make-up, and other essential items, people?Loves?It! When you got 4 color of them, you can easily classify and distinguish your objects by their bright color. Additional Use:These pouches can not only be used to store and protect your glasses, but you can also use the cloth pouch to wipe your lenses clean. Great for storing your sunglasses and eyeglasses. Also you can according your today??s mood to select different color pouch to carry out.because its soft material ,Its more save space in our bag keeping.We sincerely wish you enjoy it and happiness every day!


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