Fawziya Crisscross Velvet Clutch Tassel Evening Purses And Handbags



As?shown,?despite?of?very?low?prices?due?to?direct?sale?of?the?factory,?as?many?evaluated,?it?is?more?gorgeous?than?its?pictures.?All?its?angle?shines.?It?is?a?beautiful?and?elegant?evening?handbag Rhinestones Crystal: Fawziya adopts domestic AA diamond with 18 cut surfaces, so it has good refraction effect, and can shine Hardware: Fawziya uses K Pink aluminum-free plating process. Each hardware is well selected to ensure there are no scratch, bubble, and no rust on surface Shell?Fabrics:?Fawziya?adopts?emulation?silk?stain.?The?adoption?of?light?silk?makes?cloth?charming,?thin,?soft,?colorful,?and?lustrous Size:19(L)x5.5(W)x12(H)cm,35 cm short chain,120cm long chain can removable.It is suitable for iphone X, lipstick, cash and sunglasses,so it is an ideal choice for prom, party, dating or wedding occasions. Using fawziya clutch evening bags, you can get rid of your worries, Make you have good temperament


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