Microfiber Eyeglass Bag Sunglasses Pouch Case and Cleaning Cloth – 5 Red



Soft Premium Microfiber Bead Pearl Lock closure Soft Microfiber Eyeglass Bag, Sunglasses Pouch, Glasses Case and Cleaning Cloth- Ideal for Storing, Finding and Cleaning your Sunglasses, Reading Glasses and Spectacles A Perfect Colorful Soft Microfiber Bag, Pouch & Holder for Looking after those important, yet often difficult to find, small items such as Hearing Aids, Jewellery, Earings, Lose Change & Coins, Travel Accessories, Batteries or even Makeup. 5 Red on Black Microfiber Bags with Drawstring and Closing Lock Bead Pearl to keep your eyeglasses and valuables secure and safe A Great Soft Pouch Case for Looking after your phone, whether a Samsung Galaxy, an Apple SE 6, 7, 8 or X or the latest Huawei Smartphones Use the inside as an excellent Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for those important things that you regularly need to clean but never have a wipe near to hand- now you can kill 3 birds in one: Find, Store and Clean your Eyeglasses, Sunglasses and Glasses with your Sacculi Easily and in Style


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