Microfiber Eyeglass Pouch 4 PackFor JewelrySmartphones and Glasses Holder



PREMIUM MICROFIBER: Our soft microfiber fabric is made of a strong material which is highly gentle and will not scratch, mark, or streak surfaces or devices. STRONG FABRIC: This 4 PK set of our unique microfiber blended pouches is made to be used daily. It can remove scratches and streaks and keeping items lint free. CLEANING AGENT: These pouches can be used to clean all types of products such as eyewear, camera lenses, silverware, jewelry and electronic smart devices effectively. STORAGE POUCH: Our soft storage pouches are designed to carry your most precious valuables. Store your eyeglasses, sunglasses, jewelry, electronic devices and more! UNISEX COLORS: This four pack set of microfiber eyewear and accessories holder comes in the colors of Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Navy and Assorted Mixed Colors


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